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This is why you should choose a TSA Traction Motor for your vehicle

If you just consider the facts, TSA is a manufacturer of electric motors just like many others. So what is the secret of our success that makes us unique, compared to the rest? 

  • 60 years of experience with one exclusive focus regarding our products gives us the leadership in technology.
  • We are the only company worldwide, specialized in motors and generators for traction only.  
  • We do not limit ourselves to products for specific vehicle manufacturers. TSA creates solutions for all customers. 
  • We build smaller and lightweight electric motors, resulting in increased power density.

Our offers are the most comprehensive ones. TSA traction motors are maximum efficiency combined with state-of-the-art technology for your rail vehicles, buses and airport vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you need a traction motor for. We will develop the right solution for you!

You have questions about our traction motors?

‘20 years ago, people thought that the electric motor had reached its limits.
But technological development never comes to an end.’

Because traction motors are our passion

Experiencing innovations first-hand, trying out the latest technologies and setting trends are not just empty words from an abstract strategy paper at TSA. Traction motors are what we love. This is why we help you finding the right traction motor that meet your specific needs. TSA provides technical expertise to meet your requirements.

TSA traction motors go beyond standards

On the market you will find a lot of standard solutions for traction motors. But what we offer are customized electric motors especially for your needs, regardless of rolling stock type or road vehicle, power range or geographical location. If we do not have the right solution for your project already, we will develop it.

TV screen showing CFD airflow simulation
TSA Assembly rotor

You want to know more about our development and manufacturing processes? We look forward to your inquiry.

TSA Traction Motors really work everywhere

From Moscow to Manila, from the Polar Circle to the Equator. Our traction motors operate in all environments. Whether you need to conquer steep inclines, get through city traffic or cross land routes. TSA traction motors will bring you to your destination. We also know what it means to be part of the electric drive system. Teaming up with interface partners and using our experience skillfully to integrate our solutions is what we know best.

Our traction motors are always optimized with regard to efficiency, performance and maintainability in order to ensure the greatest possible reliability for our customers and passengers. As a technology leader, we are the ideal partner for manufacturers, operators and maintainers of rolling stock and road commercial vehicles.

EMU Mariazellerbahn Austria
DMU TVZ Gredelj for HZ Croatia
Solaris Tramino for Jena
VanHool ExquiCity electric bus