Time to Shine:
Hidden Champions TSA

Every day, several million people travel by rail. The rail network worldwide extends over more than 1.1 million km. The transport performance of freight goods is even 10.9 billion km (check out International Union of Railways). Many of these vehicles are powered by electric motors of Traktionssysteme Austria. Did you know that?

Our products are in use for up to 35 years, without even being noticed by the passengers. Before it gets that far, numerous questions and parameters need to be defined for the design and production. Among them are: What outside temperatures must an electric motor withstand? What is the difference between electric motors of high-speed trains and metros? How must the drive be designed to increase the energy efficiency of the vehicle? What is the best way to increase the power density of electric motors?

Stars of the Industry

People and goods are moved daily across all continents by our electromechanical drives – yet hardly any of the passengers know that the heart of the vehicle is made in Austria.

This is why we decided to put our dedicated colleagues in the spotlight to show the very soul of our company.

You are the true heroes!

Time to Shine - Hidden Champion TSA!

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Our Mission

Green Technologies

Our mission is to create a better future through innovative solutions for electromobility.


To make electromobility even more efficient, Markus and his team are continuously working on further innovations.


In the short and medium term, electromobility is the most important technological solution that can massively reduce emissions in the area of transportation.

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Our Hidden Champions

Great place to work

How does an industrial company operate? How are our products created? What jobs does TSA offer?
Check out this video and let our heroes give you an exciting insight into our company.

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We Encourage Champions

Our TSA Academy offers an internal training and education program for developing the skills of all our employees.
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