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Wide-ranging requirements, one single provider for your solutions

We develop solutions for rail vehicles that are tailored to your specific requirements, starting from the offer through to our Long-Life Value Service, from the initial design drawings through to final delivery. The focus is always on our customers’ desire for a comprehensive solution, based on electrical and mechanical criteria. Our way of working together is time-saving and cost-effective.

TSA is your only contact for any questions you may have about motors, gearboxes, drives and generators for your rolling stock. There is no need for complicated meetings or time-consuming sessions with various companies. Discuss it all with TSA!

Put your trust in our expertise as a full-range supplier and stay on the right track with us.

You have questions about our products for your rail vehicles?

‘Operators and manufacturers of rail cars
don’t need isolated innovative leaps.
What they need
is a consistent technological advantage.’

Why choose TSA as your supplier for your rolling stock?

Because you will find no other company whose products fit your rail vehicles perfectly like ours do.

The challenges of cutting-edge electromobility in the rail car market are huge. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers have less and less room to maneuver. It is necessary to constantly optimize the performance, durability, size and weight of the propulsion systems, without affecting price and availability.

At the same time, however, the solutions have to be more and more customized. Even for minimum quantities, the market demands custom-designed special solutions and it is imperative for the supplier to respond flexibly.

Traktionssysteme Austria is rising to these challenges. We are experts for traction motors and traction drives. We are technological leaders, independent and impassioned. That makes us a perfect partner for operators and manufacturers of rail vehicles over the entire product life cycle.

Benefits of choosing TSA as the full-range supplier for your rail vehicles

  • Over 60 years of experience in design and delivery of electrical rotating equipment for railway applications.
  • Traktionssysteme Austria is an independent supplier of traction motors and gearbox combinations, forming the highest quality drive systems. With our vast system integration expertise, TSA has become the preferred partner for both new-build and traction upgrade programs.
  • We support the business success of our customers with agility and quick decision-making by thinking holistically and acting promptly.
  • Technology leadership and best in-class engineering guarantee that rolling stock producers and railway operators benefit from lowest possible operating costs, minimum downtime and maximized revenues.
  • Custom after-care solutions are ensured by a global aftersales and service network.

TSA traction motors, gearboxes, tractions drives and generators operate in rail vehicles all over the world

Our contribution to worldwide electromobility over the past twenty years are 59,000 motors. From trams to high-speed trains and metros to e-buses – Traktionssysteme Austria enables mobility around the globe. 

Thanks to global corporate structures, intelligently coordinated logistics and a mobile service team, we are always close to our customers and can provide them with comprehensive support. Wherever your requirements may be, we think and act globally. Innovative. Independent. Impassioned. These key elements always signify quality and technical advantage in rolling stock, buses and other electric vehicles worldwide.

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