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Traction Drive

Take it all – TSA has your gearbox, too

TSA has been producing gear units for more than 20 years. Within this time period, we have manufactured more than 3,000 gear units. In the past, TSA has partnered with almost all European gearbox suppliers, and we understand the challenges that are involved with integrating components from two different suppliers.

We offer a complete drive system with a TSA-designed helical gearbox. We are your partner for an optimized traction drive system because we understand electric motors and gearboxes thoroughly.

‘It is possible to source motors and gears from different places.
Or you can get them from us as one perfectly functioning unit.’

Why choose a TSA Traction Drive for your vehicle?

Because we consider the entire vehicle and its complete electric drive system, not only the individual components.

We help you choose the right drive system for your specific needs. TSA provides technical consultation in accordance to our customers’ requirements. We optimize motor and gearbox at the same time. We also consider the needs from each component and we engineer each component to work most efficiently in a complete drive solution.

Benefits of TSA Traction Drives

  • Our experience: We have produced more than 3,000 gearboxes over the last 20 years.
  • We cover the complete range of helical traction gearboxes, from tram to metro from EMU to locomotive, from single up to triple-reduction gearboxes, from complex integration of motor and gearbox to stand-alone configurations.
  • Single point of contact for gearbox and motor for our customer, from bid to delivery and aftersales service.
  • TSA combines electrical with mechanical engineering and takes care of all internal and external interfaces. We optimize the traction drive system for your application and define the proper drive concept, motor and gearbox parameters.
  • We define the verification and validation plan for the complete traction drive system, from finite element calculations to drive type and serial testing.
  • Motor and gearbox are consistent in their design guidelines, use the same standards and catalog parts where possible as well as readily available consumable materials. This ensures an optimal product in the shortest possible delivery time.

You want to know more about our products?

TSA Traction Drives around the world

From trams to high-speed trains to metros – Traktionssysteme Austria enables mobility around the world. The good thing about this: Our traction drive systems work everywhere. Both in desert areas as well as in artic regions.