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Quality Management

Create awareness

It is our objective to continuously advance our processes and products both by efficient monitoring and controlling of key metrics and through conscious thinking and actions regarding quality and environment. It is important to us to inform our customers, suppliers and employees about conscious actions in terms of quality and environment.


Today for tomorrow – with an eye on the environment

At TSA, environmental protection plays a decisive role, both in purchasing and in manufacturing. We have implemented processes that make sure resources are conserved and processes kept as sustainable as possible.

We are aware of our responsibility towards future generations. By using environmentally safe production designs as well as resource-saving and sustainable manufacturing and procurement processes, we want to leave a clean planet for future generations. 

Environmental reporting guarantees that we achieve our targets and tap new potentials. In this matter, our employees play a pivotal role. We encourage them to suggest new opportunities for improvement and introduce ideas for enhancing our sustainability claim.


Efficient and sensible use

Our ambition is the continuous improvement of our energy efficiency. Therefore, we always keep an eye on finding the best solution in terms of energy when purchasing products and services. Improving energy efficiency and reducing overall energy consumption is also always the focus when investing in new machines or modernizing existing ones.

In order to reduce energy consumption and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in the long term, we are continuously working to improve our energy efficiency. In the meantime, we will promote the transition to renewable energy sources wherever this is possible.

Information Security Management

The implementation and maintenance of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 across all areas of the company ensures information security. It constantly upholds the three basic values of information security (confidentiality, integrity and availability) of the data processed at Traktionssysteme Austria and the information processing systems.

By providing resources, promoting information security and risk awareness, regularly defining measures based on identified risks and relevance of the threat situation, considering legal provisions and involving all relevant parties, the ISMS is given a high priority and ongoing functionality of the ISMS is ensured.

All employees are to comply with: 1.) all applicable legal requirements, internal guidelines and the associated security protocols relating to information security and data protection, 2.) protection of information, corporate assets and intellectual property at all times, and 3.) to actively help shape the Information Security Management System in the interests of continuous improvement.

Code of conduct

We take responsibility

As well as certifying the quality of our products according to international standards, we apply strict guidelines of conduct. Our Code of Conduct is the frame of reference of our day-to-day work and comprises all values which are important to us. It describes all principles and guidelines underlying our responsible conduct with internal and external partners. 

TSA products can be found on all continents of the world. Due to our growth, the opening up of new markets and our dynamic internationalization in the past few years, it has become important to define a corporate culture whose principles and conduct guidelines remain valid beyond language barriers and natural borders. As a leader in technology, we have a role model function. Therefore, we put the greatest emphasis on integrity and law-abiding conduct in all business areas and in the development of our traction drives.

Code of Conduct

International quality made in Austria

Optimum quality is no coincidence. In achieving this, we adhere not only to legal requirements but also to international standards and norms. We work continuously to improve and achieve further certifications.

Our integrated Quality Management System is rooted in the ISO 9001 Certification. As an innovative company, in 2008 we were Austria’s first enterprise to have its management system certified according to the ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS). 

Our certificates at a glance

ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS)

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Quality Management System ISO 9001

Energy Management System ISO 50001

Maintenance system in accordance with regulation (EU) 2019/779

Information Security Management System ISO 27001

Welding of railway vehicles and components according to EN 15085-2