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Long-Life Value Service

Best service for guaranteed value. For the lifetime of your vehicle.

Today’s mobility is changing at rapid speed. At TSA, to keep mobility in service, we believe that value retention is more important than ever. Therefore, our understanding of comprehensive service for the entire product lifetime comprises of smart maintenance and service concepts. This includes spare parts management, guaranteed lead times, comprehensive diagnosis reports on the technical condition of the motor, gearbox or component and innovative upgrades. At TSA, we call this Long-Life Value Service.

We know motors, generators and gearboxes. Our customized service offers ensure that your products perform optimally over their entire lifetime.

The three TSA service pillars

Service at TSA comprises of more than just maintenance and repair. We have made it our business to satisfy our customers by providing exceptional services. Benefit from our three service pillars!

1. Availability of Exchange Motors and Gearboxes
If needed, we provide you with appropriate exchange components, keeping downtimes to a minimum.

2. Comprehensive functional and performance Testing
Each component must pass a rigorous in-house testing program that is uniquely designed for your component.

3. Original Manufacturer Warranty
We stand behind the equipment that we manufacture and service. Our service programs come backed by a market leading OEM warranty.

Graphical illustration of the service overview of the TSA Long-Life Value Service portfolio
TSA Meeting scene - employees together with customers in consultation meetings

Service Packages & Contracts

Avoid unexpected failures and ensure the long-term value retention of your vehicle. Preventive maintenance and services throughout the lifetime of your component help you save time and money.

Exchange motors & original manufacturer warranties
Service agreements facilitate the planning and control of maintenance costs. All contracts and packages are tailored to your individual needs and requirements, ensuring the performance of your vehicle at all times. If required, we provide exchange components for the period of maintenance. In addition, you receive a renewed 2year warranty on the entire engine after maintenance.

Maintenance & Repair

Fast, flexible and efficient. With our engineering experience, original quality spare parts and upgrade options, we ensure that your vehicle retains its value throughout its entire lifetime.

Comprehensive function and performance tests
We make use of our state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure all quality requirements are met. Function and performance tests of motors and gearboxes, as well as noise and vibration measurements ensure that your motor meets all TSA standards regarding design and manufacturing. To this end, we also provide original equipment manufacturer’s warranties on the motor after maintenance has been completed.

TSA employee performing service work as part of the Long-Life Value Service
TSA employee with forklift in the warehouse

Delivery of Spare Parts

Every motor is only as good as the sum of its individual parts. That’s why we work with spare parts of original quality and apply the highest standards in processing.

Smart logistics concepts & short delivery times
As a manufacturer of original equipment, we have flexible recourse to components from series production for maintenance and repair. Short delivery times are thus guaranteed, even for critical components.

Upgrade & Modernization

Technical developments are subject to constant change. Through many years of engineering experience and continuous research and development, we ensure that you always receive the best technical solution for your requirement. This means that we do not simply replace or repair components, we always offer you the most up-to-date solution. This applies to our own products, but also to products from other manufacturers (multi-brand service).

Rendering of a traction drive. Half rendering, half drawing.
TSA employees during service inspection

Technical Support & Multi-Brand Service

Our employees know their job. We have been manufacturing traction motors at the former Brown Boveri plant in Wiener Neudorf for over 60 years.

When it comes to traction drives and related components, we are your single solutions provider, both for our own motors and for products of other manufacturers (Multi-Brand Service).

Operational Training & Documentation

We consider ourselves as your partner and therefore share our knowledge by making you as familiar as possible with our products and processes. Benefit from our experience to maintain the value of your vehicle over its entire lifetime. We offer maintenance and operational trainings and we provide you with accompanying documentation for future reference.

TSA customers during maintenance training in the office
TSA employee during repair work on traction motor


In case of damage, we are at your side. Quickly, competently and flexibly, we take care of your concerns and ensure that your product is ready for operation as quickly as possible. Our experienced technicians work with original spare parts and thus ensure that your vehicle retains its value. In case of repair, we will provide you with exchange motors, if required.

TSA employee is just about to leave for service call with company car

Mobile Services

If requested, we can carry out many of our services anywhere in the world – right there where you need us. Our mobile TSA team delivers quality maintenance and service to you.

Rendering of a TSA traction drive with Long-Life-Value Service Seal


One contact, numerous advantages

Many companies offer maintenance and repair services, but only TSA’s Long-Life Value Service offers convincing advantages that guarantee value retention.

  • Preventive maintenance and service offers mitigate risks and ensure better availability.
  • Individual and customizable packages for your requirements and needs. The costs are exactly calculable for you.
  • Personal and individual services worldwide
  • TSA is your only contact. We know our customers and can therefore offer you the solutions that will help maintain the value of your vehicle.
  • Long operational life of your vehicles
  • Maximum protection against breakdowns through preventive maintenance
  • Long operation intervals and minimum downtime reduced only to scheduled maintenance activities

We have made it our business to contribute to the success of our customers with our products and solutions. We know which technologies are at the edge of technology today and which requirements have to be considered tomorrow. As one of the top manufacturers of traction systems, we can evaluate the entire drive unit comprising motor and gearbox with a holistic approach.

With TSA’s Long-Life Value Service, your processes are sure to meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. As experienced experts, we accompany you throughout the entire product lifetime and know exactly how we can make the best possible contribution to the success of your operation. Safety and cost-effectiveness are our top priorities but beyond that, our solutions and offerings also help to safeguard the value of your vehicle.

With TSA’s Long-Life Value Service you get…

Cost reduction

  • Reliability due to regular maintenance
  • Predictable service intervals, no surprise failures
  • Cost control through individual contracts

High availability
As a manufacturer of original equipment, we ensure continuous operation for our customers. By being able to provide exchange motors in the event of repair or maintenance, our services can be carried out while the motor is separated from the vehicle. This returns the vehicle back to service as quickly as possible.

  • Flexible service levels
  • Individual maintenance and service concepts, tailored to business and operational requirements
  • Fast response in case of service – one contact person and exchange motors for many applications in stock.

Innovataive upgrades & modernizations

  • For TSA motors and drives but also for products from other manufacturers
  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Engineering know-how

Service Network

Long-Life Value Service is our demand. And your sustainable advantage.

We move rail vehicles and buses worldwide. Traktionssysteme Austria’s technology is successfully in use on all continents. Wherever your requirements lie, we think and act globally.

Innovative. Independent. Impassioned.

The result is always quality and technical leadership in the rail vehicles and buses of this world. With our Long-Life Value Service, we offer you and your vehicles value retention and with our many years of expertise, we also ensure that you are ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges. This is our promise to you.


Long-Life Value Service

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