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Wide-ranging requirements, one single solutions provider

Since 2008 we have built more than 2,500 motors for electric buses. From Moscow to Manila, from the Arctic Circle to the equator – our motors work under all climatic conditions and have been adapted to their respective fields. As a full-range supplier, we are used to working with external partners, while skillfully using our experience to integrate our solutions into all major interfaces. In order to guarantee our customers and passengers the greatest possible range, we continuously optimize our motors in terms of efficiency, performance and installation space. By providing our customers with reliable urban mobility solutions for electric buses, we are making a valuable contribution to the urban, post-fossil mobility of the future.


We set standards

We handle all requirements involving electric bus motors. This also includes providing support to our customers in selecting the best traction motor. Since the development of power electronics in traction applications, threephase motors have been state-of-the-art. They impress with their high power density, high efficiency and low maintenance requirements. The asynchronous machine is the prevalent machine type, but in recent years, permanent magnet synchronous machines have become a popular alternative because of their higher efficiency in special operating areas.



Providing objective assistance

Thanks to our system competence, our independence as the sole supplier of traction systems and many years of experience, we lend our support to customers by providing objective assistance in an unequivocal manner. Vehicle manufacturers profit from decisive performance improvements as early as in the offer phase, and vehicle operators gain advantage from an optimal drive solution throughout the product lifecycle.

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