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Wide-ranging requirements, one single solutions provider

We develop solutions for rail vehicles that are tailored to your specific requirements, starting from the offer through to our Long-Life Value Service, from the initial design drawings through to final delivery. The focus is always on our customers' desire for a comprehensive approach based on electrical and mechanical criteria. Our way of working is time-saving and cost-effective. TSA is your only contact for any questions you may have about motors, gearboxes, drives and generators. The close proximity between our design department and our production and testing facilities is one of our many advantages, as is our in-house engineering department. We also use state-of-the-art technologies and tools to develop our motors, gearboxes, drives and generators. Put your trust in our expertise as a full-range supplier and take advantage of our extensive in-house offers. Stay on the right track with us.


We set standards

We take care of all requirements involving motors. Trust us and consider time-consuming coordination with various suppliers to be a thing of the past. At Traktionssysteme Austria, we carry out all work stages internally. This allows us to provide you with improved time schedules in your development plans. As an independent full-range supplier, we manufacture motors and alternators as well as gearboxes in-house. Our forte: We build smaller and more light-weight motors, resulting in increased power density. This requires highest precision, which is something we can guarantee our customers owing to many years of experience. In the past 15 years alone, roughly 50,000 TSA motors were commissioned around the world. This is our contribution in making e-mobility more efficient, reliable and powerful.



Customised systems

With individual solutions that meet the highest quality standards, we ensure that the products of our customers get the dynamic they need to perform at their best. Our experts know every detail about gearboxes and their requirements in every type of application. That’s why – if you bank on a complete TSA drive system – you profit in several ways. Engine and transmission are consistent in their design guidelines, use the same standard and catalogue parts as well as consumable material. As a result, they allow for shared documentation, training units and overlapping design and evaluation processes. This, in turn, ensures an optimal product in the shortest possible delivery time.



Powerhouse in the smallest spaces

Reliable, efficient and individual: With our traction alternators we provide reliable and powerful electric energy to traction motors of rail vehicles. Our alternators transform mechanical energy into electric energy with a high level of efficiency in the smallest spaces. This allows for an easy installation of our alternators in the vehicles of our customers. Each alternator is perfectly adjusted to suit your individual requirements and project specifications while equipment and configuration are aligned to the intended use.



Solutions to meet your requirements

There is no drive without a gear. We take over both electric and mechanical engineering challenges, providing all mechanical interfaces between drive, chassis and body. We document the information for all interfaces aligned to the requirements of our customers. Furthermore, we assist you in selecting the right drive system by offering co-ordinated technical assistance. We provide customised solutions for limited space capacities, challenging power requirements or weight limitations, and also for energy-efficient uses.


Providing objective assistance

Thanks to our system competence, our independence as the sole supplier of traction systems and many years of experience, we lend our support to customers by providing objective assistance in an unequivocal manner. Vehicle manufacturers profit from decisive performance improvements as early as in the offer phase, and vehicle operators gain advantage from an optimal drive solution throughout the product lifecycle.

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