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Traktionssysteme Austria is your competent partner for all questions related to asynchronous and permanent magnet drives. As an independent full-range supplier, we always have the right solution for your individual requirements ranging from first design drafts and after-sales services to delivery. We offer one-stop shop solutions and guide you every step of the way through development and engineering, manufacturing and inspection as well as customer services, for the entire product lifecycle of motors, gearboxes, alternators and drives. Our products help you save time and money. Trust our expertise and profit from our comprehensive range of in-house services.

TSA is an Austrian company located at a site with a long-standing tradition. For 60 years, we have been manufacturing traction drives at the former Brown Boveri plant in Wiener Neudorf. Our reliable and high-performance traction drives are used on all continents of the world. Three success factors distinguish us as a full-range manufacturer and consistently open up advantages in technology to our customers: We are Innovative. Independent. Impassioned.

What drives us


Looking ahead

While we are working on the best solutions for our customers today, we are already keeping an eye on the future. At Traktionssysteme Austria, our expert teams develop new concepts, implement prototypes and test them. Our innovative solutions expand the possibilities of motors, gearboxes, alternators and drives, creating milestones for future market trends.


Free from corporation interests

As independent specialists, we are the sole suppliers of traction systems on the market. This allows us to focus on the consistent further development of our drive solutions.


Enthusiasm meets passion

We are passionate about traction drives. The entire product lifecycle, ranging from development and manufacture to inspection, is something we are enthusiastically committed to. We personally care about the requirements of our customers and place great value on close co-operations with university research and industrial practice.

About us


Whether in Asia, Europe or North America – the technology provided by Traktionssysteme Austria is used successfully on all continents. In the last fifteen years alone, roughly 50,000 Traktionssysteme Austria motors have been commissioned, which corresponds to a total output of roughly 20 power plants. Thanks to a global company structure, smart logistics and a mobile service team, we are always there whenever our customers need us to give them full support.

  • Traktionssysteme Austria, Wiener Neudorf
  • Traction Systems Inc., Somerville
  • Traktionssysteme Bosnia, Tuzla
  • Medha Traction Equipment Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Traction Systems China, Shanghai

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Traktionssysteme Austria stands for decades of experience in the area of high-performance traction motors. Our history has been shaped by continuous innovations and technological advancement and has its roots in three railway motor manufacturing companies with great tradition: BBC, ABB and Elin. For 60 years, we have been manufacturing traction drives at our site in Wiener Neudorf, formerly the Brown Boveri plant. We don’t rest on past achievements. We consider them the basis of our future advances.

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